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Name:Laura Kinney || X-23
Birthdate:Jan 11

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angst, apartments, bahhh angst, being the best, black ops, black underwear, buying bling, captain america, claws, crawling in the dark, cutting, dazzler concerts, dock angst, dr. rice be dead, fighting, fishnets, innocence lost, jean grey, julians stubs hitting me, kate kane, kiden nixon, killing, languages, laura kinney, lesbian crushes, lesbian hookers, lockets, logan, megan kinney, missions, money, my immortal, nightcrawler, nyx, painsaw, prostitution, rockslide, rogue, sarah kinney, stabbing, stabbity hooking, stabbity stab stab, stalking people, stealth, target x, the facility, the saddest life ever, these wounds willnot heal, time cannot erase, training, travel, warren worthington, weapon x, wolverine's a demon, x-23, x-men
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