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Player Name: Ana
Personal LJ: [ profile] betterthanlegos
AIM: Ilikeyourshoes0
Other characters currently in-game: Dazzler, Aurora and Cannonball

Character Name: Laura Kinney
Canon source: Marvel comics [NYX]

Personality: Laura has a very stunted personality due to the way she was raised. She was taught to be a weapon, not a human. Though, that's not to say she doesn't have emotions, because she does. Often they confuse her, and if they are too strong, she lashes out against herself violently. Not attacking anyone else in the process, only harming herself. Laura will kill people without showing any remorse or feeling, but she's known to spare people in the middle of her missions(Usually children). When talking to people, she doesn't go out of her way to spare their feelings, and tends to be brutally honest. She doesn't hold back on her opinions, and probably sees no point in doing so. She may seem like she's being cold most of the time, but she is really not trying to be.

Laura is capable of caring for others, and will even go out of her way to protect them. Whether it means parting ways with people she feels for, or even protecting them by using lethal force. She is scared of having trigger scent unleashed, as there are people out there she has felt remorse for killing (Her sensei and her mother). Laura thinks tactically, and will very easily follow the orders of her superiors without complaint. Since she's done it all of her life, she's rather directionless if she doesn't have someone to tell her what she's supposed to do. Though Laura usually appears emotionless, she does have her outbursts of emotion, which differs on the circumstance. Whether it's her cousin wanting to go with her, or when people she's cared for have died. She also tends to be protective over people, watching them sleep and even jumping into harm's way so she gets hurt instead of them. She's also not above taking her rage out on anyone who hurts people she loves.

Laura can be very quiet unless she is talked to first, and has gone through periods of being completely mute. Though she will ask questions , Laura mostly sits around quietly unless someone else approaches her first. She is not good at making conversation. In a sort of childish way, she does mimic things people do sometimes, just in attempt at trying to fit in. This is probably just an adaptation she's learned from her covert missions to make them more successful.

History: (Some of this is taken from
X-23 was the direct result of 22 failed attempts of a top secret program designed to clone the original Weapon X. Doctor Martin Sutter, who had hoped to create another mutant capable of surviving the intense adamantium bonding process, eventually hired the renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney. Although she initially wanted to create a female clone of Wolverine due to the damaged Y chromosome of the genetic sample they had acquired, her request was denied, as Doctor Zander Rice, Sutters protege, still desired the original mutant. Convinced that her option was the only viable solution, Kinney went ahead with the process of cloning Wolverine's X chromosome to create a female Weapon X, keeping it secret from her superiors. After 22 failed attempts, she was able to create a stable embryo. Upon revealing the results, both Sutter and Rice were angry but after Sarah explained that to have the original mutant it would take 10 years and that they can wait for that long or take what they have so Sutter decided to go ahead with the project, seeing this as an opportunity not to be thrown away. As punishment for her transgression, Dr. Kinney was forced to act as the surrogate mother of the embryo and for nine months, her every move was monitored until she finally gave birth to Laura.

Raised in captivity and officially labeled as X-23 (as she was the first viable embryo after 22 failures), the mutant was rigorously trained to be the perfect weapon. Although Kinney tried her best to help her surrogate daughter retain some of her humanity, her efforts were futile, for at the age of seven, X-23 was exposed to extreme levels of radiation in order to accelerate the onset of her mutant genes. Next, Rice had her claws forcibly removed and coated with adamantium before they were painfully put back in place. While continuing her training, Rice created a "trigger scent" that would cause X-23 to enter into a berserker rage that would send her on a murderous rampage once her heightened senses picked up the smell. In order to make sure the "trigger scent" worked, Rice used it on her Sensei, and X-23 killed him.

After knowing what a successful killing machine they had created, Rice sent X-23 on numerous assassination missions, selling her talents to the highest bidder and leaving her emotionally stunted in the process. Ultimately, the power hungry Rice sought to gain full control over the project and had X-23 kill Doctor Sutter and his family. Later, Doctor Kinney's niece, Megan, is abducted by a serial killer, causing her to secretly send X-23 to rescue Megan. When Kinney discovers numerous incubation pods containing more female clones, she has X-23 perform one last mission; kill Doctor Rice and destroy the other clones. Unfortunately, Rice managed to plant X-23's trigger sent on Doctor Kinney, forcing the mutant to savagely murder her mother. While dying, Kinney refers to X-23 as Laura before giving her a letter containing information on Wolverine, Charles Xavier, and the X-men.

While on the run, X-23 locates Dr. Kinney's sister, Debbie, and her daughter Megan, who she had secretly rescued earlier. Although she seemed to eventually learn to accept them as her family, Laura's peace was interrupted when Debbie's boyfriend turned out to be an agent for X-23's creators. He informs Laura's old field handler, Kimura, of her whereabouts, causing the woman to lead a number agents in a mission to recapture X-23. After escaping to safety, Laura sends Megan and Debbie away to the Canadian/US border where they can escape to a place where they will not be bothered. After they depart, she finally goes to confront Wolverine, immediately attacking him and actually gaining the upper hand. Using her intimate knowlege of their shared healing factor, Laura devises an attack strategy where each attack is followed by a handful of dirt rubbed into the wound to retard Wolverine's healing abilities. Just as he seems to succumb to blood loss, Wolverine reveals he already knew of her existence thanks to a detailed note from her mother. Unfortunately, their talk is interrupted when X-23 is captured by Captain America and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody due to her involvement in a number of brutal murders. Here she reveals her past and how she came to be a living weapon to her interrogators, Matt Murdock and Captain America. Although the blind lawyer is sympathetic to Laura's predicament (to the point where he appointed himself as her defense attorney), Captain America is still unsure of her innocence. However he eventually sets her free (not sure if she can make a new life after what hapened to her), so that she is not used as a weapon for a second time by S.H.I.E.L.D.

X-23 returns to New York City where she was taken in by a pimp named Zebra Daddy. Here she worked as a prostitute, following whatever orders her pimp gave her. Confused, and choosing to remain mute, Laura stayed in this lifestyle until she befriended fellow mutant Kiden Nixon, who had the ability to freeze time when in danger. After escaping from Zebra Daddy, X-23 kills him in order to save her friends. This is when it turns AU! Instead of taking a job as a waitress and eventually meeting up with the X-men and Wolverine, Laura sticks to the streets, hanging out with Kiden and Tatiana. She goes back to prostitution (whoo, new pimp!), much to the dismay of her friends. Girl's gotta eat, and Laura loves her non dumpster noodles. After a few months, she starts to feel very attached to Kiden, and it confuses her. Though she wouldn't bring it up, she has had her various lash outs from it, inflicting harm upon herself. Sometimes she watches over Kiden sleep, and makes sure to walk next to her because it makes her happy when they're beside each other. This continues for sometime.

How does your AU differ from canon? It starts being AU at the last issue of NYX v1, where she doesn't go off and run into the X-men, just remaining on the streets and trying to construct a life for herself without Wolverine's influence. Instead of learning to be human from the New X-men, she learns it from her homeless friends, and falls for Kiden instead of Julian. She will be seventeen now, a little colder, and will be wearing her hooker outfit when she posts. She will also have a pattern of blood on her face and clothes, as she's just knocked off her last pimp, and stopped selling herself for money.

-Accelerated healing factor
-Enhanced senses
-Six retractable claws, two from each hand, and one from each foot. All are extremely sharp and indestructable, having been laced with adamantium.
-Trained to be a weapon, is an expert assassin
-Numerous armed and unarmed fighting techniques
-Extensive training in espionage and black ops tactics
-Can speak fluent Japanese and French

-Her personality is a little stunted
-She cuts herself
-Trigger scent causes her to lose control and kill everyone around her.
-Lack of respect for human life.

Preferred drop-in point: Manhattan!

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? I want to do stuff with her emotions, help her discover them a bit more. See how much she can grow when there's no Wolverine.

First Person Journal Sample:

[The camera shows Laura in her black top, looking blank at the screen in front of her. She doesn't look upset, or angry. She's only waiting for orders. If you look close enough, you can see marks down around her arms, but they fade so quickly you have to wonder if they were even there.]

What is the purpose of this mission? Why have I been brought here?

[Still a blank look, and she moves the camera up so she can keep it focused on her face.]

I am not out practice. I will do what is asked of me.

[Another blank look, and she looks to the side as if someone has talked to her. She then stares at the camera once more, and shuts off the feed.]

Third Person Sample:

Laura didn't know why she'd been brought here, but she couldn't see Kiden around, and it was upsetting. Her stomach was hurting, and she winced as she exited the Baxter Building. She walked into the nearest alley, looking over the phone very carefully before tucking it into her skirt. Laura was confused. She would follow any orders given to her, but this was still upseting. Why was she upset? Missions were what she was created for, not living on the streets with a group of people.

Yet, she felt bad. She felt like her insides were twisting up, and it made no sense. She could not become ill with her healing factor, and even if she had some sort of disease, it would go away.

This would not go away.

Laura's claws popped out on her right hand, and she held them up to her left arm. Slowly, she made marks across her skin, letting blood leak out as she made X shapes. She didn't understand. She didn't know why being brought here was upsetting her, or why being away from Kiden was making her angry. Laura made more marks on her arm, making no sounds of pain as she continued harming herself. She didn't understand. She didn't understand. She didn't understand.

The marks kept on healing, so she made sure to keep cutting herself just as quickly. Blood was oozing down her arm, but she didn't care. Eventually, Laura switched arms, and released her other set of claws. Cutting herself almost violently, she sunk down against the wall of the closest building. Moments later, she let her knees drawn to her chest, and her arms fall against her sides. Laura's claws remained out, her knuckles stained red. Her mission was already not successful, and she didn't understand.

Maybe this was logical. Laura was not supposed to be around people she liked. If she did that, Kimura would only find her and take it all away. Kimura was going to kill everyone she stuck to, so perhaps this was just a reminder of what she was, and what she was supposed to do. Laura was not allowed to care for people, or they would just die. This was better. They were safer.

But her stomach still hurt, and she didn't understand.
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